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The profits of this bath bomb go to D.A.S Domestic abuse survivors charity. This charity means a lot to me as I have experienced abuse. I wanted to do this to help others that have been in my situation. Emotional or physical, abuse is abuse. DAS collect toiletries and create care packages with essentials for those fleeing abuse and offer support in any way they can throughout. They do so much more too, i could write all day about how amazing they are! A friendly face that is empathetic to you is sometimes a lifeline when you're in a dark place.  D.A.S Domestic Abuse Survivors has a page where you can make donations, toiletries etc and if you don't do bath bombs but would like to help, there's a website on the page too. 💕

Not Today Satan- this bath bomb is a hot pink with blue and pink glitter and is heavily Scented in madame coco chanels famous scent.
Frangrance oil 
Bicarbonate of Soda 
Citric acid 
Coconut oil 
Hot pink colourant (codes on request)