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Unicorn Bath bomb

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The unicorn bath bomb is scented in Marshmallow and creates a purple/mixture in the bath!
With added epsom salts and coconut oil, you're sure to feel magical with this fizzy!
We cannot guarantee the bath will go the exact colour displayed or look exactly the same. 

Unicorn Bath Bomb Review from a customer:

Such a beautiful purple, really intense and didn't stain my bath which was great. Subtle marshmallow scent and felt great on my skin. Great bath bomb


    Water soluble colourant

    Epsom Salts

    Coconut Oil

    Citric Acid

    Biocarbonate of Soda

    Marshmallow scented oil.



    Please contact us if you have a problem and we will sort this as soon as possible. Bath bombs cannot be returned if broken, this is an issue that must be addressed by royal mail. We cannot refund bath bombs that have already been used.

    Thank you for your custom, any issues please contact us!